Nader Rifai, PhD

In July 2023, we changed our name from AACC (short for the American Association for Clinical Chemistry) to the Association for Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine (ADLM). The National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry (NACB) and AACC Academy were also both rebranded to the Academy of Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine. The following page was written prior to this rebranding and contains mentions of the association’s old name, the Academy’s old name, NACB, and/or FACB (one of the old designations for members of the Academy). It may contain other out-of-date information as well.

Nader Rifai

2020 Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award

2015 Outstanding Contributions in Education

1992 The George F. Grannis Award For Excellence In Research And Scientific Publication

1988 Outstanding Scientific Achievements by a Young Investigator

Nader Rifai is a Professor of Pathology at Harvard Medical School, the Louis Joseph Gay-Lussac Chair in Laboratory Medicine, and Director of Clinical Chemistry at Boston Children’s Hospital.  His research focused on biomarkers of cardiovascular disease.  However, in the last decade his main interest shifted to dissemination of scientific information and E-learning. Dr. Rifai is active in national and international societies; he served on the Board of Directors of AACC, NACB and ABCC, was the Chair of Lipids and Lipoproteins Division, acted twice as the Vice-Chair of the AACC annual meeting, and he is currently the Chair of the IFCC Visiting Lectureship programme and a member of the IFCC Education and Management Division. In addition, he is the Editor-in-Chief of Clinical Chemistry, the Founder and Co-Chair of Clinical Chemistry Trainee Council, the Senior Editor of Tietz Textbook of Clinical Chemistry and Molecular Diagnostics and the Co-Editor-in-Chief of NEJM Knowledge+/AACC Learning Lab for Laboratory Medicine, an adaptive learning program.