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Question About Drugs of Abuse Profile

I work in a public hospital and there we determine drugs of abuse. I would like to know if you include, in your drug of abuse profile, the determination of methadone and propoxyphene, in addition to the other regular drugs of abuse. Thank you so very much.

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Attelica Vit D

Our providers have complained that our Attelica Vit D results are running high. To address this issue, we have started sending any high vitamin D (>60) results to mass spectrometry, but we have found that the results from Attelica are usually higher than those from mass spectrometry. I have also tried to find patterns in the results for VitD3 vs VitD2, but I have not found any clear patterns yet. Some patients have higher levels of Vit D3, while others have higher levels of Vit D2.

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Thyroglobulin, Tumor Marker, Serum

What are the lowest QC levels hospital and reference labs are commonly using to monitor Thyroglobulin assay serum specimens in the follow-up of differentiated follicular thyroid cancer? For example in unstimulated patient specimens: Do you control between 0.2 and 1 ng/mL? To monitor low-end performance of Tg assays? Regardless if it is immunoassay or LCMSMS; assuming the assay has high analytical sensitivity with low end AMR range of ~ 0.05 or 0.2 ng/mL.

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