George Yousef, MD

2003 Outstanding Scientific Achievements by a Young Investigator

George Yousef, MD, PhD, FACB, is a resident in the department of laboratory medicine at Memorial University in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. He received his MD degree from Zagazig University in Egypt and his PhD degree in clinical biochemistry from the University of Toronto in Canada.

His research focuses on the role of the kallikrein gene family as cancer markers. In the past few years, he has identified seven new members of the human kallikrein gene family and established the first detailed map of the kallikrein gene locus. His most recent work provides strong evidence suggesting the possible role of kallikreins as serum and tissue markers for endocrine malignancies. He has also cloned three new siglec genes and established a detailed map for the siglec gene locus on chromosome 19.

His research has led to the publication of more than 55 papers, and he has written 7 review articles on the human kallikrein gene family. He has contributed numerous GenBank submissions, has five patent applications, and has written two book chapters.

2001 The George F. Grannis Award For Excellence In Research And Scientific Publication

George M. Yousef, MD was honored with the Association for Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine’s (formerly AACC) 2001 George F. Grannis Award for Excellence in Research and Scientific Publication.