Yiqi Ruben Luo

Yiqi Ruben LuoY. Ruben Luo received his PhD in analytical chemistry from Stanford University, and his BS in chemistry from Peking University. He is currently a clinical chemistry fellow at the University of California San Francisco, working with Dr. Alan Wu and Dr. Kara Lynch. During his fellowship, he has been an innovator in the development of novel clinical diagnostic technologies, which gained him several academic awards including the “40 Under Forty” Honoree of American Society of Clinical Pathology. His research focused on the development of clinical diagnostic assays and devices based on mass spectrometry and optical biosensors. Prior to his fellowship, he worked in the clinical diagnostics industry for 9 years, holding positions as product manager of a global clinical diagnostics company and technical director of an independent clinical laboratory. He will join the Stanford University School of Medicine in 2021 as a faculty member.


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