Clinical Chemistry Guide to Manuscript Review

Clinical Chemistry is pleased to present the educational series called the Clinical Chemistry Guide to Manuscript Review. Built upon the foundation of the 14-part Guide to Scientific Writing, which focuses on how to organize and write a scientific paper, the Clinical Chemistry Guide to Manuscript Review will help scientists better understand what editors, journals, and even authors want in a peer review. The articles will also help novice peer reviewers get off to a successful start, and help experienced peer reviewers identify important problems or issues that they may have overlooked in the past.

Because the articles will benefit anyone interested in scientific writing and peer review, we are making them available not only to subscribers, but to all scientists. We encourage training program directors to use them as a teaching aid and provide a link to them on their own Web sites. We also welcome feedback regarding aspects of the peer review process about which you would like to learn more. Please submit suggestions to [email protected].

Full-text links to the Guide to Manuscript Review:

Part 1. Seven Reasons Not to Be a Peer Reviewer—And Why These Reasons Are Wrong
Part 2. Now You Be the Judge
Part 3. Writing an Effective Manuscript Review: The 6 “Be’s” to Success