Several African hospitals are adopting Sophia Genetics’ artificial intelligence tool, SOPHiA, to improve their ability to identify disease-causing mutations in patients’ genomic profiles. The medical institutions that have partnered with Sophia Genetics include: PharmaProcess, ImmCell, The Al Azhar Oncology Center, The Riad Biology Center, and The Oudayas, Medical Analysis Laboratory in Morocco; The Center for Proteomic and Genomic Research in South Africa; and The Bonassama District Hospital in Cameroon. As new users of SOPHiA, they will become part of a larger network of 260 hospitals in 46 countries that shares clinical insights across patient cases and patient populations.

In particular, Sophia Genetics expects that the SOPHiA artificial intelligence tool will help its partner hospitals to advance oncology care in their regions. For example, SOPHiA could positively impact the outcomes of patients with breast cancer who currently only have a 40% survival rate in Africa compared with an 80% survival rate in the U.S. and Europe due to a lack of relevant diagnostics and personalized care.