Scope of Certification

The Certified Point-of-Care Testing Professional (CPP) credential certifies individuals as competent in point-of-care testing. It documents that the individual has demonstrated competency in quality management, education and training, instrument selection and validation/verification, connectivity and information technology, leadership and communication, sample types, policies and procedures, clinical applications, technology and methodology, and US regulations and compliance. Additional details on exam topics are available in the Scope of Exam Content.

Scope of Exam Content


All applicants must submit the application fee in order to have their application reviewed. Accepted exam candidates must also submit the additional exam sitting fee to register and sit for the online exam. Fees submitted are non-refundable.



Application fee



Exam sitting fee



Application Process

Application requires an ADLM account. If you do not currently have an ADLM account, you may create a free account at any time. Join or renew today. Please note that for an application to be complete, the applicant must have submitted all required documentation and application fee using the online submission portal ( by the deadline in order for your application to be reviewed.

Please note that all exam applications are completed online.

Prepare Application Materials

Applicants can start their application and save progress at any time. However, the application must be fully submitted by the current application deadline. Applicants are recommended to prepare materials in advance of starting the application process. Applicants will need the following:

  • Contact information
    • Basic contact information is collected from your ADLM account. An up to date email address is crucial.
  • Education Requirements Documentation
    • A transcript showing a four-year degree or a two-year degree in related field and four years of direct POCT experience.
    • Related fields for a four-year degree include biology, chemistry, physics, medical laboratory science, or nursing from an accredited and recognized organization.
    • Related fields for a two-year degree include medical laboratory science or medical laboratory technology. Applicants submitting a two-year degree much also demonstrate four years of direct POCT experience as submitted in supporting documents (e.g., CV) and described in the supervisor and/or reference letters.
    • PLEASE NOTE: Educational records obtained outside the United States must have the credentials evaluated by a third party credentials evaluation service. Verification of degree, which only focuses on a document's authenticity, is not acceptable. A full credential evaluation is needed. For a list a suggested services, please visit the following list of suggested credential evaluation services. This list is not fully inclusive. Contact [email protected] with questions about credential evaluation services.
  • Resume/CV
    • Include dates of employment and descriptions of time dedicated to POCT.
  • Supervisor Letter
    • A letter from a current supervisor that verifies and describes the applicant's professional experience in POCT, The letter must include dates of supervision and dates of the applicant's employment.
    • PLEASE NOTE: The supervisor letter and/or letters of reference should describe and document a minimum of two-years of experience if submitting a four-year degree and a minimum of four-years is submitting a two-year degree.
  • Two Letters of Recommendation
    • Contact info for two letters of recommendation other than the applicant's supervisor are required.
    • Recommendations should attest to the applicant’s professional qualifications in POCT that may include the applicant's role in the development, oversight, implementation, and/or validation of POCT.
    • Letters of recommendation cannot be submitted by the applicant. Applicants must provide contact information of references. The application system will send automated messages to the reference with instructions on submitting the letter of recommendation. A sample letter of recommendation is available.
  • Additional Supporting Documents
    • This is an optional section, but is recommended for applicants with additional certifications, awards, and/or membership in professional organizations that attest to the applicant’s experience and/or ability in POCT.
    • Combine and submit as a single PDF document.

Visit the Application Portal

  • Visit
  • Select "Apply Now" and use your ADLM credentials to login.
  • Save progress at each step. Return anytime to update.
  • Applications must be fully submitted by the currently application deadline.

Submit Application Fee

  • Application fee is submitted directly in the application portal.
  • Applications are not considered complete and cannot be reviewed until application fee is submitted.

After your application is reviewed, you will receive an email stating either that you have been accepted as an exam candidate or that you are not eligible for the examination. If accepted, an exam candidate must take the examination during the online exam period that immediately follows his or her acceptance. Any request for deferment to a later exam period must be made in writing prior the the exam payment deadline of the current exam period.

Taking the Exam

Accepted exam candidates will receive an email with instructions on how to schedule an appointment and prepare to take the online exam.

  • Certification exam is a two-hour online exam consisting of 150 multiple choice questions.
  • The exam is only available as an online proctored exam that requires internet connection and webcam (internal built-in or external webcam is permitted).
  • Candidates may take the online exam in the convenience of their home or office using a personal or work computer.

View additional details on online proctoring, including technical requirements necessary for taking this online proctored exam.

Reapplying for Certification

Candidates who fail to pass the Point-of-Care Testing Professional Certification exam may reapply to take the exam a second time within one year of the date of their first examination. A new application and application fee will be required, and the same application review and exam procedures will apply. Payment of a new exam sitting fee will also be required.

If a candidate is unsuccessful after a second examination attempt, reapplication will be denied for a period of two years. The purpose of this is to give the candidate time to gain additional experience and knowledge before another exam sitting.

Please contact POCT Professional Certification Administrator at [email protected] with any questions or concerns you may have.