Point-of-Care Coordinator of the Year Award Application

The Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) Coordinator Award is given annually to recognize outstanding achievements in the POCT field by persons who are primarily responsible for a given institution’s POCT program. The award is not limited to persons or programs within the United States. Selection is made by the Awards Committee of the the Association for Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine (formerly AACC) Critical and Point-of-Care Testing (CPOCT) Division and is based on the extent of the nominee’s responsibilities and accomplishments, particularly the impact this person has made in improving the quality of the POCT program at their facility.

Who Is Eligible?

Nominees should have served as a POCT Coordinator or equivalent for at least 12 months (though the word “Coordinator” in a nominee’s job title is not required).

The nominee’s POCT program must have also passed an inspection from an outside accrediting agency during the nominee’s tenure.

How Do I Nominate Someone?

Please complete the following application answering all questions. Then compile with supporting letters of recommendation and other documentation into one document and email to the the Association for Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine (ADLM) CPOCT Division at [email protected]. The completed packet must be received by May 16th of the current year to be considered for that current year’s award.

Requirements for Letters of Recommendation

The three letters of recommendation should include the name and contact information for the person submitting the letter and should come from among the following:

  • POCT Director / Laboratory Director
  • Nursing Administrator / Director
  • Non-Lab Medical Director using POCT testing
  • Nurse Manager or other RN involved in the POCT program
  • Nominator (may be vendor or other manufacturing representative)

Selection of the POCT Coordinator of the Year will be based upon the scope of the nominee’s responsibilities, contributions and positive impact on POCT at their facility and in the POC healthcare community. Therefore, letters of recommendation should summarize or describe the following, where applicable, as they apply to the nominee:

  • QA or PI activities that demonstrate the impact the nominee has made on quality of POCT.
  • How the nominee has facilitated QC.
  • Any special projects or programs designed and implemented by the nominee.
  • How the nominee enhances, or has improved, inter-departmental communication.
  • The nominee’s activities that have addressed/improved patient outcomes.
  • Other notable POCT accomplishments (e.g., invited presentations, publications, abstracts, roundtable, workshops, etc.).