AACC Congratulates First Certified Point-of-Care Testing Professional Diplomates

In 2018, AACC launched the first ever U.S. certification for healthcare experts who perform diagnostic tests outside the central laboratory. The association is now pleased to announce the first 17 diplomates who have received AACC’s Certified Point-of-Care Testing Professional designation through this program:

Sheryl Lynn Brooks
Leh Chang
Nadia Cristo
Erika Deaton-Mohney
Danielle Ennis
Cathy Guaglianone
Avril Jean-Noel
Rita Khoury
Linda Kuhn
Yvonne Nelson
Laure Niles
Wendy Opie
Darlene Paskovics
Debra Petracco
Stephanie Quittner
Gayle Roca
Christa Williams

By passing a two-hour, 175-question certification exam, these individuals have shown that they are at the top of the point-of-care testing field, which has become one of the fastest growing laboratory medicine disciplines as the need for convenient diagnosis, screening, and monitoring expands worldwide. Specifically, these diplomates have demonstrated expertise in U.S. point-of-care regulations and compliance, quality management, education and training, instrument selection and validation/verification, connectivity and information technology, leadership and communication, sample types, policies and procedures, clinical applications, and technology and methodology.

AACC enthusiastically congratulates the new Certified Point-of-Care Testing Professional diplomates on their impressive accomplishment.

Point-of-care testing professionals who are interested in obtaining this certification can submit applications through April 1, 2019 for the next Certified Point-of-Care Testing Professional exam period, which will be held May 31 through June 7, 2019.