Huub H. van Rossum

Huub H. van RossumHuub van Rossum is a specialist in laboratory medicine and clinical chemistry at the Netherlands Cancer Institute. He has a background in analytical chemistry and pharmaceutical sciences and followed his training for becoming a specialist in laboratory medicine in The Bronovo hospital in The Hague, Leiden University Medical Center (Netherlands) and Stanford Medical Center (USA). Next he worked for about a year in the University Medical Center in Utrecht on the implementation of best practice QC. In 2015 he started his company Huvaros ( that markets MA Generator, an application that supports the laboratory specific optimization and validation of patient-based real-time QC. Since 2014 Huub works as a laboratory specialist in the Netherlands Cancer Institute – Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital in Amsterdam. Here he is responsible, together with his colleague, for all routine clinical diagnostics including chemistry, immunochemistry, hematology and blood transfusion. His current research focuses on patient-based real-time quality control, the development and improvement of cancer biomarkers, diagnostic validation of longitudinal (tumor) biomarkers and implementation of these in routine clinical practice.


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