Yang Luo

Dr. Yang Luo, PhD, MD, is an Associate Professor of Clinical Chemistry at the Southwest Hospital affiliated to the Third Military Medical University in China. His research interests are mainly focused on the development of novel biosensing approaches for detection of biomolecules, especially disease-related biomarkers. He also leads a team to develop various point-of-care tests and devices. He has established several biosensing platforms for clinical diagnosis, including 1) X-ray fluorescence based determination of ischemia-modified albumin and circulating tumor cell; 2) Surface Plasmon Resonance based multiplex bacteria detection; and 3) Nanotechnology based nucleic acid detection. Currently, Dr. Yang has been granted over 20 patents and several of them have been employed to produce clinical analysis apparatus. He received the 2014 AACC NACB Distinguished Abstract Award and Student Travel Grant.


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