Dr. Martin Crockard, PhD, and Dr. Scott McKeown, BSc, PhD

Martin CrockardDr. Martin Crockard. PhD

Martin Crockard, PhD, Molecular Diagnostics Manager for Randox Laboratories leads a team of 20 molecular biologists in the company’s molecular diagnostics group. He has more than 20 years’ experience leading molecular biology projects, 13 at Randox.

Dr. Crockard works closely with the company’s engineering, regulatory affairs, marketing and manufacturing departments to develop both multiplex arrays and complementary analysers.

Dr. Crockard has extensive experience in project oversight, including liaison with academic and industrial collaborators and has developed a number of molecular diagnostic biochip assays which are now in routine clinical use. 

Scott McKeownDr.  Scott McKeown. BSc PhD

>Dr. Scott McKeown obtained a BSc and PhD in Biomedical Sciences at Queen’s University Belfast and his science background is largely focused on signalling pathways in health and disease.

Scott is the global product manager for the Randox molecular range of multiplex biochip microarrays and has a published track record across cancer, respiratory disease, wound healing and chronic inflammation research areas.