Harjit P. Bhattoa

Harjit Pal BhattoaHarjit Pal Bhattoa, MD, PhD, MSc graduated from the University of Debrecen, Hungary in 1997. He then specialized in Laboratory Medicine. He has been the Head of the Endocrinology Unit at the Department of Laboratory Medicine at University of Debrecen since 2014. His major research interests are markers of bone turnover and vitamin D. He has published 78 peer-reviewed papers, authored 1 book and 8 book chapters. He is a Full-Member of the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry Scientific Division Committee on Bone Metabolism (IFCC C-BM). He is a Member of 3 International and 3 Hungarian societies, Associate Editor of the Electronic Journal of the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry (eJIFCC) and is a regular reviewer for over 15 journals. He has been involved in numerous studies on primary and secondary osteoporosis.

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