Best Annual Meeting Abstract Award for Outstanding Research in the Area of CPOCT

2022: Jeffrey Mayfield, PhD
Effect of Labile Glycated Hemoglobin on HbA1c Measurement by the DCA Vantage Analyzer

2021: Yang Luo, PhD
Reliable Blood Grouping With a Smartphone-Powered Quick Response Microfluidic Card

2020: Candice Bever, PhD
Rapid and Accurate Point-of-Care Detection of Lethal Amatoxins from Mushrooms and Urine

2019: George Cembrowski, MD, PhD
Data mining of 2 years of stat and emergency testing in multiple institutions demonstrates significant blood drawing tube dependent preanalytic errors in hemoglobin or hematocrit measurements

2018: John R. Petersen and Peggy Mann
Comparison of the Time Required for Manual and Semi-Automated Urinalysis and Pregnancy Testing with Associated EMR Manual Entry Errors

2017: Fabian Lara
Clinical Significance of Accurate Total Hemoglobin Measurements in the Perioperative Setting

2016: Dr. Satya N Narla
The Variance between Point-of-Care (POC) and Clinical Chemistry Laboratory Glucose Testing Results in Critically Ill Patients

2015: Yang Luo
Development and Validation of a Paper-based analytical disc assay for rapid and multiplex blood typing

2014: Abby Jones
Development of a Point-of-Care Diagnostic for Ebola and Sudan Virus Detection

2013: Michael Jorgensen, MS

2012: Janetta Bryksin
Racial and Gender Disparities in cTnI Testing: Findings from Two Hospitals.

2011: William Ferguson

2010: Paul O. Collinson
The RATPAC Trial: A randomised controlled trial of POC cardiac markers in the ER

2009: Kirsten Ip 
A point-of-care test for diagnosis of early acute myocardial infarction

2008: Soumaya El Rouby 
Monitoring heparin therapy during cardiopulmonary bypass and cardiac interventional catheterization in pediatrics

2007: Marcia Zucker 
Clinical concordance for exclusion of acute heart failure using the RAMP and Dade Dimension RxL.NT-proBNP assays

2006: Soumaya El Rouby 
The influence of prior oral anticoagulation therapy on the activated clotting time.

2005: E. J. Ebose, P.I. Campbell and A.O. Okorodudu 
Electrolyte and pH changes in preeclampsia 

M.D. Shephard and J. Gill 
Point-of-care HbA1c and urine ACR testing for diabetes management in rural and remote Australian Aboriginal medical services—the 'QAAMS' program sets an international precedent