Herbert O. Carne Service Award of the ADLM Southern California Local Section

This award was established in the mid-1980s and Herbert O. Carne was the only individual who received it. After his passing in 1990, it was renamed in his memory. The Herbert O. Carne Service Award is given to a member of the the Association for Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine (formerly AACC) Southern California Local Section for services performed in behalf of our local section for a long and extended period of time to advance the profession in the educational, training, organizational and/or legislative areas.


Brett Holmquist, PhD | 2023
Raj Pandian, PhD | 2014
Darryl Palmer-Toy, MD, PhD | 2011
Nathan Gochman, PhD | 2008
Paul Fu, PhD | 2008
Bruce Rosenweig, PhD | 2005
Mirta Galmarini-Trapp | 2002
Mary Ann Cuviello | 2000
Jack Zakowski, PhD | 1998
Roy Schall, PhD | 1996
Sol Notrica, PhD | 1994
Jean Joseph, PhD | 1992
Imre A. Fisher, PhD | 1990
Herbert O. Carne | mid-1980s

Albert L. Nichols Innovation Award in Laboratory Medicine

This award was established in 2000 from the endowment funds donated by the Albert and Tricia Nichols Foundation. The purpose of the award is to recognize a person or persons or organizations for having implemented strategic innovation in clinical laboratory medicine that will have long-term impact on improvement in patient diagnosis and/or treatment.


Alan Wu, PhD | 2013
Dan Chan, PhD | 2010
James Winkelman, MD | 2007
Delbert Fisher, MD | 2004
James B. Peter, MD, PhD | 2001

Chaney Award

Dr. Albert L. Chaney is generally recognized as the father of the the Association for Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine (ADLM) Southern California Section. Dr. Chaney was a pioneer in the application of chemical methods to the diagnosis of human diseases. After his death in 1970, our Section established the Chaney Award in his memory. The award is given periodically to an individual who closely emulates Dr. Chaney’s career contributions in research, education and chemical technology.

Alan Rockwood, PhD | 2019
Anthony Butch, PhD | 2015
Ran Pandian, PhD | 2012
David Endres, PhD | 2009)
Peter J. Howanitz, MD | 2006
Carol A. Spencer, PhD | 2003
Nathan Gochman, PhD | 2001
Albert Nichols, MD | 1999
Paul Wolf, MD | 1997
Paul Fu, PhD | 1995
James B. Peter, MD | 1993
M. Michael Lubran, MD, PhD | 1991
Richard J. Henry, MD
Clifford B Walberg, PhD
James Sternberg, PhD
Arnold G. Ware, PhD
Gerald F. Lanchantin, PhD