Updating the regulations governed by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) has long been a subject of debate within the laboratory community. Originally enacted in 1988, discussions regarding if or how CLIA should be modernized have periodically occurred over the years. Fortunately, the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Advisory Committee is currently working on this issue.

AACC has been actively engaged in the policy debate. The association has published three position statements outlining its views on the issue:

In addition, AACC has submitted a number of comment letters to federal agencies regarding CLIA regulations over the years. The association has emphasized the importance of maintaining rigorous standards for accuracy and patient safety while maintaining CLIA’s ability to foster innovation and efficiency in the laboratory industry. The association has also highlighted the importance of collaboration with stakeholders, including laboratory professionals, regulatory agencies, and patient groups. AACC continues to be actively engaged in the CLIA modernization discussion, and will work to ensure that the laboratory community's perspective is represented in any proposed changes to the regulations.