Qiagen and Natera are collaborating to develop cell-free DNA (cfDNA) assays for use on Qiagen’s GeneReader NGS system, an integrated sample-to-result, next-generation sequencing (NGS) solution. The partnership will build on Natera’s experience in reproductive genetics, including the company’s numerous broad-coverage solutions for non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT). Under the terms of the collaboration, the two companies will develop new NIPT assays that leverage Qiagen’s PAXgene blood cfDNA collection and sample processing technology. Natera’s Constellation software will also be available to users of these assays in combination with the Qiagen Clinical Insights bioinformatics solution. “We intend to make these assays available on the GeneReader NGS system to laboratories around the world that are very eager to bring in-house genetic testing across several applications, including prenatal screening,” said Peer M. Schatz, CEO of Qiagen. “The addition of these assays, along with Natera’s Constellation software, will substantially increase the system’s value and utility for a broader range of customers beyond the current menu focused on oncology.”