BGI Genomics and the Turkish genomics healthcare company Genoks have inked a new memorandum of understanding (MOU) broadening their existing partnership in the field of noninvasive prenatal testing. The updated MOU commits BGI Genomics to provide full technical and strategic support to Genoks in an effort to expand the clinical genetic testing market in Turkey. In addition, both companies will collaborate on next-generation sequencing services for general research and drug development for the Turkish population. “Our wide portfolio of genetic tests, many years of sequencing expertise and proprietary sequencing platforms uniquely position BGI to meet the diverse business needs of our local genomics partners,” said Matt Poulter, global marketing manager of BGI Genomics. “We have worked closely with Genoks for more than five years and are pleased to expand this partnership to take advantage of the significant potential that the Turkish market offers in the field of clinical genomics and sequencing services for research.”