CLN Article

AACC Supports New Effort to Improve Lab Quality, Safety

Federal Insider: September 2017

AACC is supporting a National Quality Forum (NQF) plan that aims to improve patient access to lab testing and information, advance diagnostic management teams, and improve test utilization. In supporting the goals of the NQF Diagnostic Quality and Safety Committee draft framework for measuring diagnostic quality and safety, AACC noted that studies show many providers are uncertain about which tests to order or how to interpret results.

“Initial reports indicate the inclusion of laboratory professionals within diagnostic management teams can minimize these problems, while improving patient care and reducing healthcare costs,” the association wrote to NQF. However, AACC is also urging the NQF committee to add laboratory professionals to the list of experts comprising these teams, in addition to nurses, pharmacists, and physicians.

On utilization, AACC agrees with the NQF committee on developing disease-specific mea-sures that improve test utilization and make certain that providers order laboratory tests according to evidence-based guidelines. The association also backs the NQF committee’s focus on measures that guarantee that physicians see abnormal test results without delay. More information is available on under Health and Science Policy.