Ortho Clinical Diagnostics has received Food and Drug Administration approval for Ortho Sera blood grouping reagents, which are designed for extended antigen phenotype testing with ID-Micro Typing System (MTS) Gel Card technology. This suite of reagents provides labs with a comprehensive menu of antisera for phenotyping available in a gel testing format, covering more than 99% of the most commonly tested blood group antigens and including atypical antibodies as well. The 13 Ortho Sera reagents available for use are anti-Fya, anti-Fyb, anti-Jka, anti-Jkb, anti-S, anti-s, anti-K, anti-D (indirect antiglobulin test, IAT), anti-D (rhesus D category VI, DVI), anti-P1, anti-Lea, anti-Leb, and anti-N. These reagents are designed to enable customized, flexible profile testing through an antisera additive approach, allowing extended phenotyping to be personalized according to patient needs.