OneOme, a company that was co-established by Mayo Clinic and Invenshure, has teamed with Rainbow Genomics to provide genomic services to patients in Hong Kong, Japan, and Macau. As part of the agreement, OneOme’s full RightMed pharmacogenomic platform—which identifies how patients’ DNA and current medications may affect their response to drugs—will be made available to patients through Rainbow Genomics’ network of healthcare providers and hospitals in these locations. The RightMed pharmacogenomic test covers 22 genes and 340-plus medications for more than 28 medical indications.

“Patients throughout Hong Kong, Japan, and Macau are increasingly taking medications developed by U.S. and European companies,” said Daniel Siu, CEO of Rainbow Genomics. “These drugs are often sold to clinicians with limited dosing and side effect information based on Asian genetics. Together with OneOme, Rainbow Genomics offers a highly credible [pharmacogenomics] solution with clinical utility appropriate for Asian patients to guide physicians and personalize medicine.”