Good Start Genetics has partnered with Genome Medical in an effort to provide high-quality genetic counseling with its physician-mediated direct-to-consumer test, VeriYou, which determines carrier status for cystic fibrosis and spinal muscular atrophy. Consumers can order the VeriYou kit online and then mail a saliva sample back to Good Start Genetics to screen for 591 cystic fibrosis variants. Genome Medical aims to ensure that individuals using this service have easy access to certified genetic counselors. “With the pace of innovation in genetics accelerating, it is essential to ensure that all test results—positive and negative—come with high-quality, affordable genetic counseling to ensure that patients and their physicians fully understand their meaning,” said Nicole Faulkner, Good Start’s medical director. “We will continue to provide best-in-class support … to provide families with clear, personalized genetic action plans for discussion with their treating physician.”