The 23rd Civil Court of Brazil has ordered Laboratorios Omega Brasil (O. Brazil) and Psychemedics Brasil Exames Toxicologicos (Psychemedics Brazil) to compensate Omega Laboratories USA for losses caused by anticompetitive practices. The court found that O. Brazil sought an exclusive partnership with Omega USA using false claims to represent and sell Omega USA’s forensic hair drug testing to the Brazilian market, when in fact the agreement was intended to lock out Omega USA’s access to the market. When Omega USA terminated this agreement, O. Brazil filed lawsuits against the company to further prevent its entrance into the market and to enable hair-testing firm Psychemedics Brazil to operate with limited competition. Court documents revealed that O. Brazil is controlled by the nephew of the majority partner of Psychemedics Brazil. While the court has not yet released the final indemnification amount, it is expected that the two Brazilian companies could be required to pay Omega USA millions of U.S. dollars in compensation.