It's no secret that the world of laboratory medicine is changing rapidly. You've read about it in the pages of CLN and lived it in your lab. From advanced automation systems and discoveries in proteomics and genomics to huge shifts in the reimbursement landscape, today's clinical lab is not the same as even a year ago, nor will it be the same in just a year.

In keeping with all this change, CLN is changing, too. In a survey last fall, readers told us they loved the magazine's content, but wanted more—more stories on new technologies and cutting-edge tests, more of CLN's trademark analysis of trends in medicine and laboratory practice, more on challenging reimbursement and policy matters—all in a concise and practical package.

Readers also told us that they often pass along CLN to their colleagues, save issues for future reference, and keep copies around the lab for their staff.

We heard you, and we're really excited to announce a bold new design for CLN—both inside and out—with our readers in mind, beginning with the July 2014 issue.

The most obvious change will be the magazine's size, look, and feel. We're stepping away from the oversized tabloid paper that jams your mailbox and doesn't fit in your file drawer. On the inside, you'll discover new features designed for CLN's broad readership, with new departments that tackle the issues you face in the lab every day, and speak to our readers' need to stay ahead-of-the-curve with medicine, policy, and technology advancements.

We hope you like the changes you'll see in CLN, and we want to hear what you think. Please email me personally with your thoughts, suggestions, and especially your ideas for how CLN can help you achieve better health through laboratory medicine.

Bill Malone
Bill Malone
Managing Editor, News Publications
[email protected]