The New Battle for Reimbursement
What Does Medicare's Summer of Doom Mean for 2014?
By Bill Malone

When Medicare published the final 2014 payment rates for molecular pathology tests in late September, they not only cut payment for these tests, but also left many unanswered questions. In addition, Medicare will deliver a verdict this month on three other proposals that could mean deep cuts to clinical laboratories.

The Vicious Cycle of Under-Valued Cancer Biomarkers
Could Sweeping Changes Bring More Tests Into Clinical Practice?
By Genna Rollins

Despite proliferating research, few cancer biomarkers are used in clinical practice. A panel of experts recently looked at this dilemma and proposed far-reaching solutions to raise their clinical utility and see more adopted in patient care.


Severe Combined Immunodeficiencies
Newborn Screening and Beyond
By Roshini S. Abraham, PhD

If left untreated, babies born with severe combined immunodeficiency will most likely die before the age of 2. Laboratorians can help reduce mortality in this population by learning about newborn screening for these disorders and working with physicians to ensure that affected infants receive early diagnosis through laboratory testing, which will facilitate emergent life-saving treatment.


Electronic Public Health Reporting on the Rise


AACC Launches Directed Donations Program

AACC's new Directed Donations program offers laboratorians a transparent way to give back to their profession. Through this initiative, 100% of donations made to the association will go directly to the AACC award, grant, or program of the donor's choice.

David D. Koch Chosen as AACC President-Elect

AACC membership has elected four new members to the AACC Board of Directors and two new members to the Nominating Committee who will take office in 2014.


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