New, Practical Guidance for Cardiac Troponin
How Can Laboratorians Help Physicians?
By Genna Rollins

Since the introduction of cardiac troponin testing in the early 1990s, there have been questions about the clinical significance of elevations in this biomarker, questions that have continued as more sensitive assays to measure cardiac troponin have been developed. Recently, an expert panel of cardiologists, emergency physicians, and laboratory scientists developed a consensus document on practical clinical considerations in interpreting troponin values, not only in patients with suspected cardiovascular conditions, but also in those with no known cardiac disease.

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Proposed Algorithm for Therapeutic Decision Making

From Outreach to Outsourcing
Are Hospital Outreach Programs Vulnerable to Buyouts?
By Bill Malone

According to some hospital executives and industry observers, the days of big profits for outreach testing are gone, and many labs could soon find themselves cut out of the market by health plans eager to forge better deals with independent commercial labs.


Synthetic Cannabinoids
The Challenges of Testing for Designer Drugs
By Bridgit O. Crews, PhD

In recent years, overdoses from and hospital admissions for synthetic cannabinoids have spiked, bringing to light the need for assays that can detect these drugs with accuracy. Laboratories must overcome unique problems to help identify users, because illegal drug makers continue to synthesize new compounds to circumvent the law and detection.


Senior Chronic Disease Rates Climb


New Strategic Plan Sets Priorities for AACC
3-Year Window Enables Flexible Response to Dynamic Environment
By Genna Rollins

AACC's 2012 Board of Directors has endorsed a strategic plan to ensure the association's ability to adapt to the rapidly changing healthcare industry and continued global leadership in the advancement of clinical laboratory science and medicine.


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