The Magic and Marvel of Genomic Medicine
2012 AACC Annual Meeting Speakers Emphasize Translation to Clinical Practice
By Genna Rollins

Nearly 10 years after completion of the Human Genome Project, whole-genome and next-generation sequencing technologies are edging into clinical practice, and someday will be the norm. As they make their way into routine patient care, these technologies will revolutionize healthcare.

Spotlight on Point-of-Care Testing
Innovation, Expansion Evident at AACC Clinical Lab Expo in Los Angeles
By Bill Malone

This year, more than 120 companies came to Los Angeles to showcase POC products at the AACC Clinical Lab Expo, and the buzz about POC spilled over into sessions at the AACC Annual Meeting. Speakers covered many POC topics, including the explosion of technology and where future opportunities lie.


Hepatitis C Virus
Diagnosis, Treatment, and Patient Management
By Peter P. Chou, PhD, DABCC, FACB, and Rick L. Pesano, MD, PhD

In the U.S., HCV is the most common chronic blood-borne infection and most frequent indication for liver transplant. Until researchers develop an effective vaccine against it, improved laboratory tests for diagnosis and disease management will be vital in the effort to slow the spread of HCV infection and its consequences.

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Treatment Protocols Using Various Dosing Regimens for Chronic Hepatitis C

Growing Number of Adults Have Multiple Chronic Conditions


Clinical Lab Expo Lights Up Los Angeles

Hundreds of new products made their debut in Los Angeles. See our New Products Review.

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More Expo News


Large-Scale Testing Errors
Tips on How Labs Can Prepare and Recover
By Corinne Fantz, PhD

In this interview, Nikola Baumann, PhD, director of the Central Clinical Laboratory and Central Processing at the Mayo Clinic, shares advice on how labs can best handle system-wide errors that impact multiple patients.

Responding to Laboratory Errors
How Not to Lose Your Cool
By James S. Hernandez, MD, MS

By using the Just Culture method, lab leaders can improve the way they deal with laboratory errors and enhance communication between all involved parties.

Lab Testing in the Outpatient Setting
How to Advise Patients and Their Families
By Michael Astion, MD, PhD

In the outpatient setting, patients can avoid lab testing errors by following these seven tips.

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