Universal Lipid Screening in Children
Will New Guidelines Lead to Widespread Statin Use in Kids?
By Genna Rollins

An expert panel recently called for universal lipid screening in children, a controversial recommendation that will require practice changes by pediatricians and the clinical labs that support them.

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Pediatric CVD Guidelines Summary

Blood, Sweat, and Robots
Who's Ready for Lab Automation?
By Bill Malone

Driven by expanding test volumes and unrelenting pressure to cut costs and reduce errors, labs have become experts at efficiency. But what happens after you've trimmed all the fat? With few options left, automation solutions that previously seemed out of reach for the majority of labs have now become not just a possibility, but a necessity.


Autoantibody Markers
Diagnostic Utility for Encephalitis, Paraneoplastic Syndromes, and Ataxia 
By Marvin J. Fritzler, MD, PhD

Identifying and detecting autoantibodies in the serum and cerebral spinal fluid of patients who display a variety of neurological signs and symptoms has become a significant diagnostic aid to clinicians.


Norovirus Tops List of Hospital Infection Outbreaks


Panel Calls for Lower Blood Lead Levels
Proposal Could Dramatically Boost Pediatric Population of Concern
By Genna Rollins

Proposed new blood lead level thresholds could dramatically boost the pediatric population considered to have lead poisoning and require changes in how labs report results.


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