CVD Conference in Singapore

The editors of Clinical Chemistry have assembled an all-star lineup of experts for an upcoming conference, Impact of Biomarkers in Cardiovascular Disease, to be held October 1-2, 2012 in Singapore. This first state-of-the-art conference organized by Clinical Chemistry will focus on advances in using biomarkers for the prevention, diagnosis, and management of CVD. Sessions will include:

  • The proteomic exploration of cardiovascular disease
  • HDL, risk assessment, and interventional strategies
  • The use of genetic testing for risk assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of CVD
  • Biomarkers in heart failure and acute coronary syndrome
  • Pre-analytical and analytical considerations of cardiac biomarkers for use in clinical practice
  • Development of national guidelines for the prevention of CVD
  • International trends in CVD

A highlight of the conference will be three interactive discussions on the latest advances and changing views on prevention of CVD, 'omics' of CVD, and the latest thoughts on the usefulness of high-sensitivity cardiac troponin in CVD.

Registration for this event is open now, and abstracts will be accepted through July 1, 2012.