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February 2012 Clinical Laboratory News: Volume 38, Number 2


The Quest for Pediatric Reference Ranges
Why the National Children's Study Promises Answers
By Bill Malone

AACC-funded studies are now underway on early samples from the National Children's Study, an effort that leaders in the lab community hope will jump-start collaboration with diagnostic companies, commercial labs, and academia to improve pediatric reference ranges.

New Paradigms for Hepatitis C Virus Treatment
Will HCV Nucleic Acid Testing be a Must for All Clinical Labs?
By Genna Rollins

New direct-acting antiviral therapies for hepatitis C have shown in clinical trials significantly better response rates than standard therapies. However, these drugs require strict dosage and viral load testing regimens, demanding more of both clinicians and labs to ensure that patients get the most benefit from them.


Toxic Alcohols
Practical Challenges in Laboratory Diagnosis of Ingestions
By Matthew D. Krasowski, MD, PhD

Toxic alcohol poisonings don't get as much attention as drug overdoses, but these common and readily obtainable substances can be fatal. Correct diagnosis depends on astute clinicians and laboratorians that understand the limitations of diagnostic tests.


Cancer Death Rates Continue to Drop


Panel Advises Blood Glucose Testing in All Hospitalized Patients
Are Glucose Meters Accurate Enough to do the Job
By Genna Rollins

An expert panel of The Endocrine Society has recommended glucose testing upon admission for all patients entering the hospital for any reason, building upon an earlier consensus statement on glycemic control that focused on critically ill patients.


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