Upcoming Documents

The Academy is currently working on the following guidance documents:

Autoimmune Neurology

Authors: John Mills, PhD, Chair; Adrian Budhram, MD; Matteo Gastaldi, MD, PhD; Amy Kunchuk, MBBS; Eric Lancaster, MD, PhD; Lisa Peterson, PhD; Paddy Waters, PhD

Coagulation Testing in Patients Using NOAC

Authors: Lindsay Bazydlo, PhD, Chair; Neil Harris, PhD; Louise Man, MD; Maximo Marin, MD; Anna Merrill, PhD; Olajumoke Oladipo, MD

Data Analytics

Authors: Thomas Durant, MD, Chair; Shannon Haymond, PhD; Amrom Obstfeld, MD, PhD; Michelle Stoffel, MD, PhD; Sarah Wheeler, PhD; Mark Zaydman, MD, PhD

ER Toxicology - General Toxicology

Authors: Patrick Kyle, PhD, Co-Chair; Fred Strathmann, PhD, Co-Chair; Uttam Garg, PhD; Christopher Holstege, MD; Paul Jannetto, PhD; Christine Snozek, PhD

ER Toxicology - Substance Use

Authors: Christine Snozek, PhD, Chair; Rebecca Bruccoleri, MD; Jennifer Colby, PhD; Christopher Holstege, MD; Kamisha Johnson-Davis, PhD; Matthew Krasowski, MD; Stacy Melanson, MD

Lipid Testing

Authors: Leslie Donato, PhD, Co-Chair; Jeff Meeusen, PhD, Co-Chair; Jing Cao, PhD; Joe El-Khoury, PhD; Anne Goldberg, MD; Alan Remaley, MD, PhD  

For more information on any of our upcoming documents please email the Academy at [email protected].