Statement attributable to:
Carmen L. Wiley, PhD
President, American Association for Clinical Chemistry

“In the wake of SARS-CoV-2, another virus has been exposed in the U.S. Just as COVID-19 is a disease with many presentations, so is racism. Systemic racism exists in our country. Those unaffected by it may think it may be dormant or even dead, but racism lives and it manifests in many ways—from the mundane to the dramatic. Marginalized populations are affected throughout their lives by health disparities, housing inequality, income inequality, and more. The most striking of these daily injustices—police brutality—has been on full display these past few months, even as the entire country has been embroiled in a battle against coronavirus. AACC stands against racism and hate in all its forms, and we call on our scientific and clinical colleagues to stand together on the issue of racial equality.

“Now is a time for the lab medicine community to be a leading force for change. Lab professionals can have an immediate and enduring impact by ensuring we contribute to the development and maintenance of safe environments within our social and work spaces and by engaging in candid dialogues about racism and inequality. As healthcare professionals committed to better health for all, we cannot be mute bystanders to inequality. Our legacy is one of service and we call upon our community to be part of the dialogue to promote racial equality.”

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