CHICAGO – AACC announced today the launch of a new credential for point-of-care testing professionals. This new certification – the first of its kind in the United States -- is designed for healthcare experts who perform diagnostic tests outside the central laboratory.

Point-of-care testing – testing done with or near a patient -- is among the fastest growing disciplines within laboratory medicine and clinical diagnostics. As healthcare becomes more consumer-focused, the need for convenient diagnosis, monitoring, and screening tests is expanding worldwide. Technology is catching up with this increasing demand and testing devices that are smaller, more portable, and easier to operate have been developed.

Until now, however, there was no specific certification in the U.S. for the healthcare personnel testing at the point-of-care. This new program, created and overseen by AACC’s Board of Certification, will document that certified healthcare professionals working at the point of care have proven expertise in this area and are among the top in the field.

A healthcare expert who passes the certification will be known as a Certified Point-of-Care Testing Professional (CPP). CPPs are certified as competent in point-of-care testing. This means that the certified expert has demonstrated knowledge in U.S. point-of-care regulations and compliance, quality management, education and training, instrument selection and validation/verification, connectivity and information technology, leadership and communication, sample types, policies and procedures, clinical applications, and technology and methodology.

"We are excited to launch this new certification for point-of-care testing experts,” said AACC CEO Janet B. Kreizman. "We learned from our members that there was a real need for this certification. As point-of-care testing becomes more and more widespread, it is essential to ensure that those performing these tests are qualified experts. Healthcare professionals certified as CPPs will stand out as demonstrated authorities in point-of-care testing.”

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