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AACC Announces 2012 Oak Ridge Conference

WASHINGTON - The American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) announces its 2012 Oak Ridge Conference: Emerging Technologies for 21st Century Clinical Diagnostics to be held April 19 – 20, 2012, at The Fairmont in San José, CA.

The Oak Ridge Conference is AACC’s annual forum for emerging clinical diagnostic technologies.  The conference focuses exclusively on pre-commercial technologies, and session topics are updated each year to reflect diagnostic trends. Now in its 44th year, the Oak Ridge Conference is firmly established as the premier forum for the next generation of clinical diagnostics developers in the IVD and biotech industries.  The conference attracts industry leaders including Chief Executive and Chief Operating Officers, Presidents, and Senior Executives; R&D Directors, Group Leaders, and Scientists; Product Development Specialists, Lab Vice Presidents and Directors; Technology Scouts as well as academic researchers and venture capitalists.

The conference will open with the keynote presentation by Francis S. Ligler from The Center for Bio/Molecular Science and Engineering at the Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC, who will discuss Integration of Automated Biosensor Systems for Point-of-Use.  Other sessions include Novel Lab-on-a-Chip Technologies for Clinical Diagnostics, Emerging Diagnostic Technologies using Mass Spectrometry, Innovative Technologies for Pathogen Diagnostics, and New Point-of-Care Technologies for the Developing and Developed World.  A detailed program for the two days is available here.

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