To have your educational activity recognized as a source of high-quality education in clinical chemistry and related topics, apply for ACCENT® continuing education credit.

Complete an application to accredit your activity now. See our Application Resource Document to assist you with your application for ACCENT® Accreditation. For more information contact the Association for Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine (formerly AACC) at [email protected].

Apply for ACCENT® Accreditation

Approval Criteria for ACCENT® Accreditation

  • The activity must be relevant to the scope and practice of clinical laboratory science and may include topics in methods, technology, management, and other relevant topics.
  • A professional practice gap has been identified through a needs assessment process and will be addressed by the activity.
  • A completed online application, along with payment, is reviewed and approved.

You may download the Application Resource Document to assist with your application documents. The resource document will not be accepted as substitute. All documents and material must be submitted through the online application form.

Faculty Information

The ACCENT® Faculty Form provides ADLM with the following information for each speaker/planner. We recommend that you ensure you have all completed faculty forms completed prior to submitting your application. All faculty forms must be merged into one document to upload:

  • Speaker's name and contact information
  • Presentation title and learner objective(s)
  • Speaker disclosure (disclosure of financial relationships with any company whose products/services will be mentioned or discussed in the presentation)

All members responsible for planning the educational activity (including planning committee members, board members, peer reviewers, editors, etc.) must complete a disclosure form as well.

Faculty and Planner Disclosure Display to Learners

The information from the disclosure forms for all speakers and planning committee members must be collected and provided to the audience prior to the activity to ensure that audience members are informed of any financial relationships between the speaker and any companies.

This information can be made available to the audience through:

  • Printed handouts/program books distributed to attendees
  • Online activity announcement
  • Screenshots of front matter for online activities
  • Slides shown before the presentation begins

Additionally, a screenshot or example of display of faculty disclosure should be included with your application program materials.

Commercial Support

Commercial support occurs when a company provides financial support towards an educational activity (these funds may be used by the activity provider to cover expenses associated with the activity). A copy of the countersigned agreement* between the company and the organization must be submitted. The form states that:

  1. The activity must be for scientific and educational purposes only and will not promote the company's products, directly or indirectly. Company-developed activities are allowed if they do not promote products or services marketed or sold by that company or any other commercial entity.
  2. Commercial support for an activity should be in the form of an educational grant made payable to the educational provider.
  3. Commercial support must be acknowledged in printed announcements, brochures, and/or handout materials. In the acknowledgement, no reference can be made to specific products or services.
  4. Companies may not promote their products or services where the audience will have to view them during the educational activity.
  5. No other funds from the company may be paid to the activity faculty or others involved with the educational activity, e.g., additional honoraria, activity registration fees, extra social events, etc.

*For an example agreement, you may download ADLM’s Commercial Support Agreement. However, please note, that ADLM’s Commercial Support Agreement will not be accepted in place of the company and the organization’s countersigned agreement.

ACCENT® Accreditation Review Process & Fees

All ACCENT® Continuing Education Accreditation applications are reviewed in the order they are received, and only once all application documents are submitted in full.

Please note that submission of an ACCENT Continuing Education Accreditation Application, does not guarantee that the activity will be accredited.

Once your activity has gone through the accreditation review and approval process, you will receive an invoice for the activity’s accreditation. This invoice’s total amount will be determined based on various timeline and application factors, and it must be paid before approval. Once approved the organization contact will receive:

  • Instructions to provide your activity learners including the unique CE Link.
  • Unique ACCENT CE Link (s) for the activity, which is active for one year and includes:
    • Speaker(s) and activity evaluation.
    • Printable and downloadable ACCENT certificate.
  • At the close of the activity, final evaluation and learner data is sent to organization coordinator.

An outline of our fee structure is as follows:

First Application: Fee for the providing organization’s first application within the calendar year. $615.00
Subsequent Applications: Fee for each subsequent application from the providing organization within the calendar year. $265.00
Late Fee: It may be determined that an additional fee will be required for any application submitted within 30 days prior to the activity’s start date or for any incomplete application that has not provided all required documentation until it is within 30 days prior to the activity’s start date.

Please note that the ACCENT Review Board may not accredit any activity whose application is submitted or completed within 10 business days prior to the activity’s start date.

Once your activity is approved and your activity’s ACCENT® accreditation invoice is paid, you will receive a CE Link that is to be provided to your activity’s participants at the conclusion/completion of the activity. This link directs to an online evaluation form as well as a printable PDF certificate for the acquired ACCENT CE credits.

If you have any questions regarding the ACCENT® accreditation timeline, please contact us at [email protected] with your application.