Tumor Markers and Cancer Diagnostics Division

text graphic for tumor markers and cancer diagnostics division

The mission of the division on tumor markers and cancer diagnostics is to provide an inter-disciplinary forum for clinical chemists, laboratory scientists and technologists, pathologists, clinicians, and researchers interested in developing laboratory tools for the assessment and monitoring of cancer. Specific objectives include:

  • Providing updates for division members on advances in the use of established and emerging tumor markers and technologies.
  • Advancing knowledge in new approaches to the diagnosis and monitoring of cancer.
  • Organizing educational programs, including webinars and conferences, to address special issues for cancer diagnostics and highlight special considerations for other types of testing relevant to cancer patients, such as hematology and infectious diseases.
  • Fostering communication and professional support for the exchange of ideas, experience, and scholarly activities; and promoting collaboration and interaction of laboratory professionals with clinical groups, the Association for Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine (formerly AACC) divisions and other professional societies, diagnostics and technology manufacturers, and regulatory agencies in the areas of tumor markers and cancer diagnostics.

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