SECTION 1. The name of this organization shall be the Therapeutic Drug Management and Toxicology Division of the Association for Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine (formerly AACC), Inc. (the Association for Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine (ADLM)) hereafter referred to as the Division. 

SECTION 2. The purpose of the Division shall be to further and promote the professional and public interest by encouraging the study, advancing the science, and expanding and improving the practice of therapeutic drug monitoring, toxicology, therapeutic drug management and related disciplines.


The Division will work in collaboration with the ADLM office, Local Sections, and other Divisions to promote and achieve its goals and objectives.   The overall goals and objectives of the Division will be to provide a forum dedicated to the communication of information, both written and oral, among members of the Division and of the ADLM. 


The Division shall have authority to function in all matters not defined, limited, or reserved by the Association in its Constitution or Bylaws, or by statements of policy officially adopted by the Association's Board of Directors.  In order to accomplish the general goals and objectives of the Division, a variety of activities will be pursued. 

EDUCATION - Workshops, seminars, symposia, and other programs at regional and national meetings will be sponsored to enhance the knowledge of the participants. 

COMMUNICATION - Provide a forum for the dissemination of information about, therapeutic drug management and toxicology. 

PUBLICATION - Promote and sponsor scientific notes, communications, research papers, and monographs. 

RESEARCH - The division will encourage research in toxicology and therapeutic drug management. 

CONSULTATION - Maintain a liaison with federal and state regulatory agencies and other professional societies with related interests to provide expertise to these organizations that will further the recognition of the contributions of  ADLM members to the practice of clinical laboratory medicine especially in the areas of toxicology and therapeutic drug management. 

TRAINING - Provide a mechanism to establish training sessions and support the eventual development of specialty certification procedures, when applicable. 


SECTION 1. Membership in the Division shall be open to all members of any category in good standing of the ADLM who indicate in writing to the Secretary of the Division their wish to join the Division or check the appropriate box on the annual ADLM dues statement and who pay the annual dues established by the Division.

SECTION 2. Privileges of membership in the Division shall be established by the Executive Committee and may include but are not restricted to, reduced registration fees at symposia, workshops, and other meetings (e.g. regional) held apart from national meetings of the ADLM. 

SECTION 3. Only ADLM members who are also Division members may hold Division or committee office or may vote in elections of the Division. Only Members may represent the Division in professional matters.

SECTION 4. Any member may resign by so indicating in writing to the Division Secretary. No refund of Division dues shall be forthcoming. 


SECTION 1. Officers of the Division shall be Members in good standing of the ADLM and the Division and shall consist of the Chair, Chair-elect, Past chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.  

SECTION 2. The terms of office shall be two years for the Chair-elect, Chair, Past chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Terms are by the calendar year and officers shall not be elected for more than two continuous terms. The Past Chair is not eligible for re-election to Chair-Elect until two years have elapsed since serving as Past Chair.

SECTION 3. To provide continuity on the executive committee, the officers shall be elected according to the following schedule and serve terms as indicated below:


Term (years)











Past chair












The Secretary and Treasurer will be elected on alternate years. Chair-elect will be elected every other year and will serve as Chair two years following election and as Past Chair for two years after serving as Chair. 

SECTION 4. Elections shall be by secret mail, fax, or electronic ballot. Ballots must be postmarked or returned electronically within 20 days of distribution. The Executive Committee upon recommendation of the Nominating Committee will approve candidates. 

Nominations by the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee shall transmit to the Division Secretary, a list of qualified persons nominated by them for election as officers of the Division for the current year (other than Chair and Past Chair).  No member of the Nominating Committee may be selected for office while they serve on the Nominating Committee.  The Secretary will then notify the Executive Committee of the Nominating Committee’s selection.

Nominations by Petition. Members of the Division may, by petition, nominate qualified persons for election as officers of the Division (other than Chair and Past Chair) and for election to other positions to be filled by vote of the Membership in accordance with the provisions of the Bylaws. A nominating petition shall contain the signatures of at least five (5.0) percent of the number of Division Members then in good standing and shall be transmitted to the Division Secretary, who shall determine the validity and sufficiency of the petition. To be valid, the signature of a Member on a nominating petition may not appear on behalf of more than one (1) candidate for the same office or position.
It is recommended that at least two candidates be nominated for each vacant position.  The Secretary shall assure distribution to the Division Members by June 1 (first) of each election year a ballot showing the positions to be filled and the nominees for each office. In addition, each office shall have provisions for write‑in votes. The order of the Candidates listed on the ballot shall be determined by lot by the Nominating Committee.  Balloting ends on July 1 of the election year and ballots shall be tabulated prior to the National ADLM meeting under the supervision of the Chair-Elect.  The candidate for each position who receives a plurality of votes shall be elected. In the event that candidates for any position receive an equal number of votes, another election for that position shall be held. The Executive Committee shall establish conditions for this run‑off election.   The Division Secretary shall report the results of the elections to the Candidates, the Executive Committee, the Association Secretary, and the Division membership at the annual meeting.

SECTION 5. Duties of officers shall be those generally associated with these titles and shall include the following elements. 

A. Chair-elect

  1. Preside at meetings in the absence of the Chair.
  2. Serve as Chairman of the program committee.
  3. Accede to position of CHAIR at the end of defined term.
  4. Receive and tally election ballots.

B. Chair

  1. Coordinate Division activities.
  2. Preside at meetings of the Executive Committee.
  3. Organize the Division Business Meetings.
  4. Promote the Division’s general mission of education.
  5. Ensure that the Division provides topics and speakers for the ADLM Annual Meeting symposia and selected topics.
  6. Coordinate periodic and annual reports as required.
  7. With the advice and consent of the Executive Committee, shall appoint the Chairs and members of the committees and task forces whose membership otherwise is not provided for in the Bylaws.

C. Past-Chair

  1. Serve as Chairman of the Nominating Committee
  2. Direct long-range planning activities of the Division
  3. Assist the Chair as requested
  4. Substitute for the Chair if the Chair is unable to serve for any reason.

 D. Secretary

  1. Keep minutes of all meetings of the Division and submit for approval to the Executive Committee.
  2. Submit approved minutes and election results to the Newsletter Editor for publication in the newsletter.
  3. Carry out such correspondence of the Division as required by the Association and/or delegated by the Chairman.
  4. Assure the distribution of notices of meetings, ballots, and election results to the Division membership.
  5. Be responsible for coordination of Division Publicity. 

E. Treasurer

  1. Review records of all credits, debits, and balances.
  2. Present a financial report of receipts, disbursements, and current balances at Executive Committee meetings and Business meetings of the Division.
  3. Assist the Chair in the preparation of the Division’s annual budget.
  4. Coordinate Division fund raising activities.

SECTION 6. Removal of Officers.  Any officer who is negligent in fulfilling his or her duties as described in these bylaws and is given a no-confidence vote by a majority of the total Executive Committee shall be removed from office. The vacancy shall be filled at the next scheduled ballot for officers. In the interim, the Chair may appoint a temporary officer subject to the approval of the total executive committee. The above selection of a temporary officer also applies in the event that an officer cannot continue with his or her duties due to any other circumstances.


SECTION 1. There shall be an Executive Committee consisting of the Chair, Chair-elect, Past chair, Secretary, Treasurer, the Newsletter Editor and three (3) Members-at-Large elected from and by the members of the Division, each to serve a term of 2 years with no more than 2 consecutive terms.

SECTION 2. The Chair of the Division shall be the Chair of the Executive Committee. 

SECTION 3. Except as otherwise specified herein, the Executive Committee shall be empowered to manage all of the affairs and assets, including finances, of the Division. 

SECTION 4. The Executive Committee shall meet at least 2 times a year, one of which will be held in conjunction with the ADLM Annual Meeting. Further, it shall meet either at the call of the Chair or upon request of a quorum of the committee. A quorum shall consist of a majority of the members. Meetings may be held by conference call. 

SECTION 5. The Executive Committee may appoint such other committees as may prove necessary. Each of these committees shall continue until dissolved by the Executive Committee. 

SECTION 6. Task Force subcommittees may be created/appointed by individual committees upon approval of the Executive Committee and shall be automatically dissolved after one year unless specifically approved for continuance by the Executive Committee. 

SECTION 7. A Nominating Committee will be elected. This Committee will consist the Division Past Chair and four elected members, two of which will be elected in alternate years for two-year terms. No member of this committee shall serve more than three consecutive terms.

SECTION 8. The Executive Committee shall appoint an Education Chair who will function to provide long range planning and interaction with the Annual Meeting Organizing Committee. This may include oversight of the Scientific Program Committee. This Chair may be one of the elected officers, but the role of developing proposed educational plans for the ADLM Annual Meeting must be clearly stated. 


SECTION 1. The fiscal year of the Division shall correspond to the calendar year. 

SECTION 2. Members shall pay annual dues, the amount of which shall be decided yearly by the Executive Committee at the annual meeting in accordance with the Divisions Policy and Procedures Manual. 

SECTION 3.  Either the Chair or the Treasurer will have authority to authorize and disburse funds.


SECTION 1. The Division shall hold scientific sessions at the ADLM Annual Meeting and other meetings when approved by the Executive Committee. 

SECTION 2. An annual meeting for the general membership will be held at the Annual ADLM Meeting each year. Any business requiring vote of the membership shall be conducted only at this meeting, except as provided elsewhere in these Bylaws. In special circumstances, voting by the membership may be conducted by mail or electronic ballot. The meeting agenda will be decided by the Executive Committee with the following exception.  Members of the Division may, by petition, request that specific business be brought before the entire membership. The petition shall contain the signatures of at least five (5.0) percent of the number of Members then in good standing and shall be transmitted, not later than April 1 of the year of the general membership meeting, to the Division Secretary, who shall determine the validity and sufficiency of the petition. The Division Secretary will transmit the validated petition to the Executive Committee for inclusion in the meeting agenda.

SECTION 3. The Executive Committee may call special meetings of the Division, if notice is given to the membership in writing or by publication in the Division newsletter at least eight weeks in advance. If business is to be conducted at such a meeting, the specific nature of the business is to be made public as well as the outcome of decisions reached at such a meeting. 

SECTION 4.  Ten percent (10%) of the Members of the Division shall constitute a quorum for the conduct of business at a general meeting. 


SECTION 1. The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the selection of papers to be presented at meetings of the Division. It may delegate this authority to a committee that has been created for this purpose. 

SECTION 2. The rules for presentation of papers before meetings of the Division shall be as outlined in the Regulations of the ADLM or as adopted by the Division.

SECTION 3. .  At least one newsletter will be published per year.  Contents of the newsletter are under the direct supervision of the Newsletter Editor.


SECTION 1. Amendments to the Bylaws shall be proposed by a majority of the Executive Committee or by petition to the Executive Committee by at least ten (10) percent of the Members of the Division.

SECTION 2. Bylaws changes will be submitted for ADLM ADministrative review prior to submission to the membership for a vote. Adoption of, and amendments to, the Bylaws shall require approval by two‑thirds (2/3) of the votes cast by ballot, with at least 25 validated ballots being cast. Notice of proposed amendments must be made available to the Division Members no later than thirty (30) days prior to the date on which the ballots are to be counted. Ballots shall be verified and tabulated under the supervision of the Chair‑Elect.

SECTION 3. These Bylaws shall become effective at the time of their adoption, which will be the first day of the calendar year after ballot approval.


The Division has no separately owned assets. Any ADLM assets in the hands of a Division shall be returned to the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (ADLM) upon dissolution or when requested by the ADLM. The Division will demonstrate member support for a merger or dissolution and obtain the necessary ADLM administrative approval prior to taking any action.