TDM/Toxicology Division Best Abstract Award

The winner of this award will receive a $500 grant and recognition at the TDM/Toxicology Division meeting during the ADLM Annual Scientific Meeting. To compete for this award, you must:

  • Submit an abstract for ADLM Annual Scientific Meeting in the field of therapeutic drug management or toxicology
  • Be the presenting author of an accepted abstract for the upcoming ADLM Annual Scientific Meeting

Abstract Winners

  • 2022: Connor Blair: Internal Versus External Calibration for Determination of Plasma Methotrexate by LC-MS/MS
  • 2021: Nicholas Larkey, PhD: Identification of novel macrovancomycin complexes using laboratory developed methods

  • 2020: Y. Ruben Luo, PhD: Exploration of Applying High-Resolution MS2/MS3  Mass Spectrometry for Screening Toxic Natural Products

  • 2019: Y. Ruben Luo, PhD: A Rapid Plate-Format Label-Free Immunoassay for Quantitation of Monoclonal Antibody Drugs and Detection of Anti-Drug Antibodies in Serum Samples

  • 2018: Yung Wang, MD, PhD: Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Monoclonal Antibody in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases: Laboratory Evidence to Predict Patient Responses

  • 2017: Sarah Delaney, PhD: Targeting Drug Transport: Using Vitamins to Inhibit Bcrp-Medicated Transport of Methotrexate into Milk

  • 2016: Robert Dixon, PhD: Validation of a LCMS Method for Chriral Determination of Methamphetamine