Personalized Medicine Division

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The objectives of the Personalized Medicine Division include:

  1. Become the key laboratory medicine group focused on Personalized Medicine (PM). Promote the concepts and current and potential contributions of PM to laboratory medicine and patient care.
  2. Build a division dedicated to PM that complements the interests of other Divisions that already have a PM component. Serve as a resource for other the Association for Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine (formerly AACC) entities, programs and publications for issues relating to PM including Lab Tests Online. Collaborate with the Evidence Based Laboratory Medicine group of the Association for Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine (ADLM) and other groups to encourage evidence-based medicine analyses for PM applications already in use or entering clinical practice.
  3. Develop and present educational programming on PM within the ADLM, including sessions at the Annual Meeting, webcasts, and stand-alone meetings including topics such as implementing testing to support PM, regulatory and reimbursement issues impacting PM.
  4. Establish and maintain a PM division website that includes a repository of peer-reviewed and other PM application information as a resource for ADLM and non-ADLM website visitors.
  5. On behalf of ADLM, and with the approval of its leadership, collaborate with selected diagnostic-oriented (laboratory and imaging) and disease-oriented organizations who are active in PM; with therapeutics and diagnostics manufacturers; and with clinical and pharmacological organizations.

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The Division provides a forum designed to promote communication and community among members who are seeking ideas, experience, education or publications on the topic of Personalized Medicine.