The name of this organization will be the Lipoproteins and Vascular Diseases Division (referred to below as DIVISION) of the Association for Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine (formerly AACC) (referred to below as the Association for Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine (ADLM)).


The purpose of the DIVISION will be the provision of a focus for interaction among ADLM Members with interests in lipids, lipoproteins and vascular diseases and a forum for communication among laboratorians, clinicians, other scientists and representatives of industry; promotion of activities which lead to improvements in the general level of knowledge in measurement technology, in standardization of methods, and in interpretation/usefulness of lipid/lipoprotein results; and enhancement of the professional image and status of the ADLM.

ARTICLE III. Methods and Activities

A.   The DIVISION will support and facilitate programs which will help to achieve the stated purposes.

B.   The DIVISION will review/evaluate existing and new lipid/lipoprotein methodologies/technologies and provide information to the membership.

C.   The DIVISION will submit suggestions for educational sessions to the Organizing Committee of each Annual Meeting of the ADLM.

D.   The DIVISION will cooperate with local sections, other divisions, and other professional groups to co-sponsor meetings and to work jointly for the advancement of science, medicine, and technology.

E.   The DIVISION will assist or coordinate assignments for speakers and disseminate educational materials dealing with various aspects of the lipid and lipoprotein field to groups wishing these services.

F.   The DIVISION will publish a newsletter providing information about DIVISION meetings, significant events, and selected topics of current interest. This newsletter will be provided to all DIVISION Members.

G.   The DIVISION will hold a business meeting at the Annual ADLM Meeting each year, with opportunity for discussion and review of activities.

ARTICLE IV. Membership

Anyone who is a current Member of the ADLM as defined by the Association Bylaws, Article I, may become a DIVISION Member by contacting the DIVISION or the ADLM National Office and by paying the DIVISION dues.

ARTICLE V. Officers

A.   The officers of the DIVISION will be Members in good standing of the ADLM and the DIVISION. Only officers and their delegates may represent the DIVISION in official capacities.

B.   The officers of the DIVISION will be a Chair, who will serve two (2) years; a Chair-Elect, who will serve two (2) years and be designated as Chair for the following two (2) years; a Secretary, a Treasurer and an Information Officer, each of whom will serve for two (2) years. The Chair-Elect will be elected every other year and the Secretary and Treasurer will be elected in alternate years and will not serve for more than two (2) consecutive terms, or four (4) consecutive years. The Information Officer will be appointed by the Chair. The Chair will not be eligible for re-election to the office of Chair-Elect until one year has lapsed since his/her last term of office. The powers and duties of the officers will be those usually vested in their respective positions or specified by the Bylaws.

C.   The duties of the various officers will be as follows:


    a.   Function as the executive officer for the DIVISION.

    b.   Organize and preside at all official meetings of the DIVISION.

    c.   Coordinate Committee and general DIVISION activities.

    d.   Appoint Committee chairs subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.

    e.   Coordinate preparation of the annual report and the annual budget.

    f.   Serve as an ex-officio member of each Committee.

    g   Serve as Chair of the Nominating Committee.


    a.   Preside at meetings in the absence of the Chair.

    b.   Act for the Chair in case of his/her absence or disability.

    c.   Serve as Chair of the Program Committee.

    d.   Direct long-range planning activities of the DIVISION.


    a.   Keep minutes of all meetings of the DIVISION at which business is conducted, and submit them to the Chair for approval.

    b.   Maintain the minutes of all meetings as a record and transmit them to the succeeding Secretary.

    c.   Submit approved minutes to the Newsletter Editor for publication in the newsletter.

    d.   Carry out correspondence of the DIVISION as delegated by the Chair.

    e.   Distribute notices of meetings, ballots, and election results to the membership and receive completed election ballots.

    f.   Assist the Chair with the preparation of the annual report.


    a.   Receive and distribute funds authorized in the DIVISION budget.

    b.   Maintain accurate and current records of all credits, debits, and balances and transmit them to the succeeding Treasurer.

    c.   Present a financial report of receipts, disbursements, and current balances at official meetings.

    d.   Assist the Chair with the preparation of the annual budget and report.

    Information Officer

    a.   Serve as DIVISION Web Master.

    b.   Collaborate with Newsletter Editor on projects as needed.

    c.   In conjunction with the ADLM, keep consumer web page current.

ARTICLE VI. Committees

Standing Committees will include the Executive Committee, the Program Committee, the Nominating Committee, and the Membership Committee.

A. Executive Committee

    Will consist of the DIVISION Chair, Chair-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and Information Officer.

    Will have authority to act on all matters concerning the DIVISION.

    Will meet at least once a year.

    Will consist of a quorum, necessary to conduct DIVISION business, of at least three (3) of the five (5) members.

    May invite the Newsletter Editor and the Chairs of ad hoc committees to participate as non-voting representatives.

B. Program Committee

    Will consist of a Chair, who will be the current Chair-Elect of the DIVISION, and members to be appointed annually as deemed necessary by the Committee Chair.

    Will plan, schedule, and coordinate workshops, seminars and other educational activities of the DIVISION.

    Will provide a summary of activities to the DIVISION Chair for inclusion in the annual report.

C. Nominating Committee

    Will Consist of a Chair, who will be the Chair of the DIVISION, and two elected Members. The elected Members will serve for two (2) years; one Member will be elected each year from a list of two (2) candidates submitted by the Nominating Committee as described in Section C, 3 below. Members of the Nominating Committee may not succeed themselves and are ineligible to be nominated as an officer, for a period of one (l) year following the end of their term on the Committee.

    Will prepare a slate of candidates for the elected offices as described in ARTICLE V. Candidates will have given prior consent to serve, if elected.

    Will report the slate of nominees to the DIVISION Secretary by March 15th of each year.

    Initial Nominating Committee will be selected by the Executive Committee of the Provisional Division.

D. Membership Committee

    Will consist of a Chair, who will be appointed by the DIVISION Chair with the approval of the Executive Committee, and members to be appointed annually as deemed necessary by the Committee Chair.

    Will maintain an accurate list of names and addresses of all members.

    Will devise and implement strategies to recruit new members and retain current members.

    Will provide a summary of activities to the DIVISION Chair for inclusion in the annual report

E. Finance Committee

    Will consist of a Chair, who will be appointed by the DIVISION Chair with the approval of the Executive Committee, the DIVISION Treasurer, and members to be appointed annually as deemed necessary by the Committee Chair.

    Will solicit funds to support DIVISION activities and will recognize donors.

F. Other Committees

Other ad hoc committees will be convened as deemed necessary. The Chair of each committee will be appointed by the DIVISION Chair with approval from the Executive Committee.

ARTICLE VII. Terms of Office, Elections, and Vacancies

A. Terms of Office

Terms of office will begin on January 1 and end on December 31 of each year.

B. Elections

    Elections will be by mail or electronic ballot, conducted so as to maintain secrecy.

    The Chair of the Nominating Committee will notify the Secretary of the slate of candidates by March 15th of each year. The nominees will be those members selected by the Nominating Committee and who have agreed to serve prior to having their names placed on the ballot.

    The candidates will provide biographical sketches for the ballots to the Secretary by April 1.

    The Secretary will distribute by May 1 a ballot, consisting of a slate prepared by the Nominating Committee, to each member of the DIVISION. This ballot will show the positions to be filled, the nominees for each office, and a provision for write-in votes.

    The deadline for receipt of valid ballots will be June 1. Completed ballots will be received by the DIVISION Secretary and opened and tallied by two non-candidates appointed by the Secretary.

    Nominees receiving a plurality of votes will be elected. In the event of a tie vote, the election will be decided by secret ballot of the Executive Committee.

    The Secretary, by June 15, will then report the results to the DIVISION Chair, who will notify the nominees.

    The Secretary will notify the Executive Committee, the membership, and the National Office.

    In the event that an officer is not elected by January 1, the preceding officer will continue to serve until relieved by the duly elected succeeding officer.

C. Vacancies

    Resignation of officers, except the Chair, will be submitted in writing to the Chair. The resignation of the Chair will be submitted in writing to the Executive Committee.

    In the event of a vacancy in the office of Chair, the Chair-Elect will succeed the Chair for the remainder of the unexpired term and for the following fiscal year. In the event of a vacancy in the office of Secretary or Treasurer, or among the elected Members of the Nominating Committee, the incumbent Executive Committee will appoint a qualified Member to discharge the duties of that office until January 1st following the next regularly scheduled election to fill that vacancy. In the event of a vacancy in the office of Chair-Elect, the Nominating Committee will transmit within thirty (30) days of the vacancy to the Secretary, a list of nominees for election. This election process, will be completed as quickly as practical, as described in ARTICLE VII, Section B. The Chair will fulfill the Chair-Elect's responsibilities in the interim.

    An officer may be impeached following, first, a majority vote by the Executive Committee, and second, a mail-ballot vote by the Membership. A two-thirds majority of the votes cast is required to effect the removal from office of one of the elected officers.


A.   The fiscal year of the DIVISION will coincide with that of the ADLM, beginning on January 1, and ending on December 31.

B.   DIVISION dues, established by the Executive Committee, will be collected by the National Office with regular ADLM membership dues.

C.   The DIVISION will follow the rules established by the ADLM Finance Committee for expenses (living and travel), honoraria (amount and eligibility), and registration fees.

D.   The Chair and Treasurer of the DIVISION will prepare an annual report as requested by the National Organization to be submitted to the ADLM Liaison and Board of Directors through appropriate channels. The report will include the status of the DIVISION, activities and accomplishments, financial notation of sources of revenue and purposes for which they were used and the organizations to be solicited in the coming year.

E.   In the event that the DIVISION is dissolved, all funds remaining after the payment of debts will be transferred to the ADLM. In no event will any funds of the DIVISION inure to the benefit of any DIVISION Member either during the life of the DIVISION or after its dissolution.

ARTICLE IX. Adoption and Amendment to the Bylaws

A.   Amendments of these Bylaws may be proposed by a majority vote of the Executive Committee, by a petition signed by at least 10% of the Members in good standing, or by a duly passed motion at any official business meeting. Proposals for adoption or amendments of the Bylaws will be distributedto each Member in good standing by the Secretary within 45 days of receipt.

B.   Adoption and amendments of the Bylaws will require an affirmative vote by two-thirds of the votes received. If the proposal does not receive the required number of votes within 30 days after the proposal is distributed, then such proposal will lapse.

C.   These Bylaws will become effective at the time of their adoption.

L&LD.bylaw.clw Revised, 4/95; Reprinted with corrections, 8/5/96, Revised 01/01/01, Revised 12/01

LVDD bylaw.caf Revisions accepted 2/20/02 by vote of members