2003 Point-of-Care Coordinator of the Year

This award is funded by Lifescan, Inc. and includes a $500 check and up to $1350 in travel support to attend the the Association for Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine (formerly AACC) Annual Meeting.

The recipient,Deanna Bogner is from Christus—Santa Rosa in San Antonio, TX.

Congratulations on behalf of the Awards Committee.

Deanna Bogner - 2003 POCT Coordinator of the Year

Four years ago, the Association for Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine (ADLM) Critical and Point-of-Care Testing Division launched a program to recognize outstanding achievements by a person primarily responsible for an institution’s POCT program. This year the CPOCT Division is pleased to honor Deanna Bogner from Christus Santa Rosa Health Care system in San Antonio, Texas. Ms. Bogner is the sole POCT coordinator in the Christus Santa Rosa Health Care system. She manages over 1500 users in the four hospitals and outreach programs that comprise Christus Santa Rosa, and oversees the current testing menu, with seven tests and a total volume of over 350,000 tests per year.

Headquartered in Dallas, Christus Health is a faith-based, not-for-profit health system comprised of more than 40 hospitals, inpatient and long-term care facilities in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Utah and Mexico. Ms. Bogner serves as a corporate POCT reference person for Christus Health Care.

Six years ago in the San Antonio-Austin area, Ms. Bogner formed a POCT users group known as Group for South Texas Ancillary Testing (GSTAT). GSTAT provides its members with an opportunity to network with other coordinators, obtain vendor-sponsored education, and further their knowledge of available products. GSTAT has served as a model for other POCT user groups throughout the country.

Ms. Bogner has presented at least one seminar or roundtable at each ADLM Annual Meeting since 2001. She has presented one or more national teleconferences on POCT issues for Texas Teleconferencing Network yearly since 2002. She networks extensively among her peers and has been published in print and web publications such as Advance for Laboratory Administrators, Critical Care Nursing Quarterly and Bloodgas.org. Ms. Bogner lectures at two schools for medical technology on POCT and has written 6 web-based education modules for the University of Texas San Antonio Health Science Center (UTSAHSC)-Clinical Laboratory Scientist Program Management Course.

To further the practice of POCT internationally, Ms. Bogner has presented to the annual 2003 POCT meeting for the Danish Society for Biomedical Engineering, and has consulted with various vendors such as Radiometer/Copenhagen. She is also involved with providing POCT and laboratory regulatory expertise to Fleury Diagnostic Medical Center in San Paulo, Brazil.

This auspicious award, sponsored by the ADLM CPOCT Division and funded by Lifescan, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson company, includes an honorarium and an elegant trophy. The award will be presented on Tuesday, July 22nd at the CPOCT Division Business Meeting at 6 pm in the Philadelphia Marriott. 

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