The Association for Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine (formerly AACC) is currently accepting nominations for the following awards that recognize outstanding achievements in the field of laboratory medicine:

How to Submit a Nomination

If you would like to nominate a colleague for one of these awards, please submit a nomination package containing the following materials:

  1. A letter containing an evaluation and appraisal of the nominee's accomplishments related to the award.
    For the Young Investigator Award only, this letter must include an evaluation of the originality of the candidate’s contributions. The nominee must have been the principal investigator or author of research, rather than one of many collaborators.

  2. Three to five letters of support detailing the nominee’s accomplishments related to the award.

  3. The nominee's curriculum vitae.

  4. A list of the nominee's publications and patents if applicable (this information may be included in the curriculum vitae).

Incomplete nomination packages will not be considered.

Nominations for all categories EXCEPT the Clinical Lab Scientist Achievement Award should be sent to [email protected].

Nominations for the Clinical Lab Scientist Achievement Award should be sent directly to Jordan Bradford at [email protected].

More Information

Who can submit a nomination?

Any the Association for Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine (ADLM) member or group of members, such as a local section, division, or committee, may submit award nominations. ADLM also considers nominations from nonmember individuals and organizations.

Can I nominate someone who has already received an ADLM award?

Previous ADLM award recipients may be nominated for an additional award, if the candidate has made significant contributions in a different area that warrant such consideration.

Who is not eligible for an ADLM award?

Members of the Awards Committee are not eligible for an ADLM Award during their tenure on the committee.

However, ADLM officers are eligible to receive ADLM Awards during their term of office.

When does ADLM select award recipients?

The ADLM Awards Committee reviews all nominations and selects award recipients in April of each year. Those who nominated individuals who were not selected will be notified shortly thereafter; however, individuals who wrote letters of support will not be notified.


If you have additional questions about ADLM Awards, please contact us:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 800.892.1400 x 8713 or 1.202.835.8713