Ulf-Hakan Stenman, PhD

2005 Morton K. Schwartz Award for Significant Contributions in Cancer Research Diagnostics

Ulf-Håkan Stenman, MD, is head of the Hormone and Tumor Marker Laboratories at Helsinki University Central Hospital and professor of clinical chemistry at Helsinki University in Finland. Most of his research has concerned tumor markers and hormone assays. In his research, Dr. Stenman combines basic research with a clinical approach aimed at solving diagnostically relevant problems, which has led to the development of several assays now in widespread use.

Dr. Stenman and his coworkers identified and purified from urine a peptide called tumor-associated trypsin inhibitor, which was shown to be a strong and independent prognostic marker for ovarian, renal, bladder, and several gastrointestinal cancers. His trypsin research also led to sensitive and specific immunoassays for markers of pancreatitis. Stenman’s group made several advances in prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing to improve the diagnostic utility of PSA and to help differentiate between prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia. Using peptides specific for PSA, the group has developed a new type of test called an immunopeptidometric assay, which uses combinations of antibodies and peptides as ligands. Another new line of research concerns identification of new tumor markers in urine by proteomic techniques.

Dr. Stenman has also worked with international organizations for the standardization of immunoassay methods.

He is a member of the editorial boards of 10 international scientific journals, including leading journals in clinical chemistry, tumor biology, and urology. He has published 490 scientific papers and is a frequent speaker at international congresses.