Ahmad Sarfraz

Sarfraz Ahmad 2006 International Travel Fellowship

Dr. Ahmad is chief research scientist and research manager at the Florida Hospital Cancer Institute in Orlando. Before joining that institution in 2002, he spent ten years in research and teaching at Loyola University of Chicago and the University of Illinois at Chicago’s department of medicine.

Dr. Ahmad’s research and teaching interests include cellular and molecular hemostasis, thrombosis, and cancer biology, particularly related to the pathogenic mechanisms in immune disorders such as heparin-induced thrombocytopenia.
His investigations are also aimed toward the development of novel anticoagulant, antithrombin, antiplatelet, and thrombolytic drugs for the management of cardiovascular/hematological patients.

His past research interests focused on protein/enzyme purification and characterization, lectin–glycoprotein interactions, pathophysiology and signaling mechanisms in sepsis/shock syndrome, interferon/cytokine-mediated tyrosine phosphorylation in hematopoietic cells, immune response in T-cell signaling, and skeletal muscle metabolism research. In these various areas of research, Dr. Ahmad has published 80 articles and book chapters and more than 200 abstracts. He is a reviewer for several biomedical journals and has received numerous awards for his research contributions.

Dr. Ahmad is an active member of several national and international scientific societies, and has been an executive committee member of the Association of Scientists of Indian Origin in America (ASIOA) for more than a decade. He has traveled worldwide as a speaker at various national and international platforms. In addition to his ties to U.S. institutions, he has maintained international research collaborations with Danish, German, Indian, Italian, and Turkish biomedical institutions. He plans to use this International Travel Fellowship Award during his educational and research activities to promote clinical chemistry in Istanbul, Turkey, and Oslo, Norway.