Rossa W.K. Chiu, MBBS, PhD

In July 2023, we changed our name from AACC (short for the American Association for Clinical Chemistry) to the Association for Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine (ADLM). The following page was written prior to this rebranding and contains mentions of the association’s old name. It may contain other out-of-date information as well.

2022 AACC Award for Outstanding Contributions to Clinical Chemistry in a Specific Area of Research

2013 AACC Award for Outstanding Scientific Achievements by a Young Investigator

Rossa Chiu is qualified as a medical specialist in Genetic Pathology and Chemical Pathology in both Hong Kong and Australia. Prof Chiu has developed methods on cell-free DNA analysis in maternal blood for the prenatal assessment of Down syndrome and other fetal genetic conditions, which led to worldwide changes in clinical practice. She has been investigating the detection of cancer-derived DNA in human plasma for early detection of cancers. Her research has culminated into over 190 research articles, several international research awards and about 280 granted patents. Prof Chiu was among the Top 20 Translational Researchers in Nature Biotechnology’s list of 2018 and 2020. She was a consultant to Sequenom, Illumina and Grail. She has served on the Awards Committee of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC), was an Associate Editor of Clinical Chemistry, and a Senior Editor of the 7th edition of Tietz Textbook of Laboratory Medicine. Prof Chiu is currently a Director of the International Society for Prenatal Diagnosis.