The award recognized an individual (or individuals) for contributions to the field of clinical chemistry through the creation of innovative technologies or analytical methods, or through significant adaptations for application to clinical laboratory diagnostics of technologies from other fields. This award was given in odd numbered years only. The awardee was not required to be an the Association for Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine (formerly AACC) member. This award has been discontinued; therefore, nominations are no longer being accepted.

Previous Winners

2017 - Larry Thomas Mimms, PhD
2015 - Daniel R. Henderson, PhD
2013 - Carl Wittwer, PhD
2011 - Hashem Akhavan-Tafti, PhD
2009 - Peter Wilding, PhD
2008 - John F. Burd, PhD
2007 - Pratap Singh, PhD
2006 - Larry Kricka, PhD
2005 - Steve Fodor, PhD
2004 - Phil Gold, PhD
2003 - Ole Siggaard-Andersen, PhD
2002 - Leonard Herzenberg, PhD
2001 - Carl-Bertil Laurell, PhD
2000 - Leonard T. Skeggs, PhD
1999 - Norman G. Anderson, PhD
1998 - Roger Ekins, PhD