Meeting Co-sponsorship and Travel Awards by ADLM Molecular Pathology Division

The Science and Education Committee (SEC) of the MPD, consisting of Jerry Yeo (Chair), Helen Fernandes, Greg Howe, Steven Wong, Alan Wu and Barbara Zehnbauer, invites applications from MPD members for co-sponsorship of local/regional meetings or travel awards to present at a meeting.  Awards, ranging from $250-$500 are available for local/regional meetings, and awards up to $1000 for international meetings.  The number of awards is subject to the availability of MPD award funds at the time of application.

For the above sponsorship/award, the meetings should include topics related to molecular diagnostics/pharmacogenomics. The recipient should acknowledge the sponsorship/award at the time of presentation. Suggested wording includes but is not limited to, “Developed in co-operation with MPD of the Association for Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine (formerly AACC) (Co-sponsorship)” or “Travel is partially supported by MPD of the Association for Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine (ADLM) (Travel Award)”.  The sponsorship/award winner will be expected to provide a summary write-up of the sponsored meeting, which will be published in the MPD newsletter on the division’s website. 

Applications will be reviewed by the SEC and the funding is dependent on the scientific/ educational merits and relevant qualifications of the applicant.  The decision by the SEC is final and there will be no appeal.

Applicants should send in the following: 

I. For Meeting Co-Sponsorship

a. Program proposal for the conference
b. A letter explaining why co-sponsorship is requested
c. A copy of your CV

II. For Travel Award      

a. A letter explaining why the award is requested (an invited speaker whose expenses are covered in full by the organizer will not be considered)
b. A letter of invitation from the conference organizer listing the speaker’s presentation title
c. A copy of your CV

For further information please direct your inquiry via email to Dr. Jerry Yeo, Chair of SEC of MPD at [email protected]