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The association's programs, policies, decisions, actions, services, processes, and products (current and new) should be assessed with a diversity, equity, and inclusion lens (DEI lens). The goal is to ensure alignment with the association's Core Value on diversity, equity, and inclusion. View the Association for Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine (formerly AACC) Core Values.

The DEI Lens

  1. Who is involved? Is a diverse group of members and stakeholders included? If not, what mechanisms can be implemented to broaden the group?

  2. Is it inclusive? Does it meet the needs of all members? If not, what changes can be implemented to make it more inclusive?

  3. Is it equitable? Do all members have access without barriers? If not, what barriers need to be removed or what changes need to be implemented? Does one group of members have greater access and benefit more than others?

  4. What is the outcome? Does it communicate or demonstrate a commitment to DEI? Are there any potential negative outcomes? How will it be perceived by all members?

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