The Academy Committees

Nominating Committee (Elected)

The Academy of Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine Nominating Committee is responsible for soliciting and selecting candidates for the Academy election.

Darci Block (Chair)

Joshua Bornhorst

Janetta Bryksin

Jennifer Colby

Steven Cotten

Sal Sena

Yusheng Zhu (ex-officio)

Awards Committee

The Academy Awards Committee selects recipients for Academy awards as well as the Distinguished Abstract Award. The committee participates in the annual awards luncheon and solicits nominations for awards.

Gyorgy Abel (Chair)

Zhimin (Tim) Cao

Uttam Garg

Xander van Wijk

Carmen Wiley

Content Development Committee

The Academy Content Development Committee oversees the Guidance Document and LMPG processes, including making recommendations for the Academy Council’s approval.

Zahra Shajani-Yi (Chair)

Robert Nerenz

Olajumoke Oladipo

Christine Snozek

Roland Valdes Jr.

Membership Committee

The Academy Membership Committee reviews applications for membership and makes recommendations to the Academy Council for approval as appropriate. It also makes recommendations to the Academy Council on ways to engage the membership and enhance networking opportunities among members. In addition, the committee audits Academy membership renewals for authenticity.

Hong Kee Lee (Chair)

Jessica Colon-Franco

Kalen Olsen Nissen

Joe Wiencek

Scientific Shorts Editorial Board

The Academy's Scientific Shorts Editorial Board identifies topics and authors for periodic posts and works with staff to ensure timely publication of these posts. This editorial board also reviews submitted shorts to ensure they meet Scientific Shorts' guidelines for publication.

Zhen Zhao (Chair)

Sean Campbell

Christopher Farnsworth

Matthew Feldhammer

Ronald Henriquez

Kamisha Johnson-Davis

Yachana Kataria

Karina Rodriguez-Capote

Test Utilization Committee

The Test Utilization Committee oversees the Lab Test Utilization Resource (LTUR), High-Impact Test Utilization Initiative, and any other test utilization projects the Academy or the Association for Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine (formerly AACC) Science & Practice Core Committee (SPCC) decides to undertake. This subcommittee selects which tests will be written as LTURs, recruits authors, reviews submitted drafts, and recommends acceptance to the Academy Council and SPCC.

Alison Woodworth (Chair)

David Alter

Jing Cao

Sridevi Devaraj

Amy Karger

Rojeet Shrestha

Fang Wu

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Academy of Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine Designation

Fellows of the Academy use the designation of FADLM. This designation is equivalent to FACB and FAACC, the previous designations used by fellows of the National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry and AACC Academy. Those groups were rebranded as Academy of Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine in 2023.