2021 the Academy Distinguished Abstracts Winners

The the Academy of Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine is pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 Distinguished Abstracts Awards. A group of Fellows selected these 16 abstracts for their scientific excellence from a pool of more than 550 abstracts accepted for the the Association for Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine (formerly AACC) Annual Scientific Meeting.

Winning abstracts displayed the Academy blue ribbon during the the Association for Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine (ADLM) Annual Scientific Meeting poster sessions.

A-006 Mona Eldeeb, Alexandria, Egypt
Multiplex Bead Assay of Serum based Biomarkers as a Proposed Panel for Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis.

A-060 Alan Thomson, Sharnbrook, United Kingdom
A New Approach to Discovering Surface Epitopes with Potential Antigenic Properties Using Molecular Imprinting

A-076 Ievgen Motorykin, San Juan Capistrano, CA
Detection and Identification of Novel IGF-1 Variants in a High-throughput Clinical Reference Laboratory

A-085 Katleen Van Uytfanghe, Gent, Belgium
Expanding the clinical application field for targeted liquid chromatography mass spectrometry methods - the development of a flexible SARS-CoV-2 detection method as a proof-of-concept

A-167 Ibrahim Choucair, Westlake, OH
Structure Specific Bile Acids Predict Future Cardiometabolic Outcomes

A-175 Kwaku Tawiah, St. Louis, MO
Circulating biomarkers in triage, prognosis and risk stratification of COVID-19 patients

A-176 Kimia Sobhani, Los Angeles, CA
Prediction of Antibody Response Based on Clinical and Demographic Variables Following SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Administration

A-235 Qian Wang, Edmonton, AB, Canada
Ferritin, Iron, TIBC, and Iron Saturation: Big Data Diurnal Variation Graphs Promote Ferritin’s Marginal Intraday Variation and Diagnostic Superiority

A-250 Jinzhao Song, Philadelphia, PA
Darwin Theory of Survival of the Fittest -Inspired Exponential Enrichment and Point-of-Care Detection of Rare Mutant Alleles

B-011 Rojeet Shrestha, Zionsville, IN
Use of Artificial Intelligence for Effective Test Utilization and to Increase Reimbursement

B-101 Eran Eden, Tirat Carmel, Israel
Leveraging the immune response to improve outbreak management: derivation of a rapidly measurable host-protein signature for stratifying severity of COVID-19 patients

B-175 Jeffrey SoRelle, Dallas, TX
Multiplex Fragment Analysis Identifies SARS-CoV-2 Variants of Concern

B-197 Dongdong Liu, Beijing, China
Photothermal Mediated Rolling Circle Amplification for More Specific and Convenient Direct In Situ mRNA Detection

B-246 Izmarie Poventud-Fuentes, Houston, TX
Comparison of Cystatin C-based Equations with Measured Glomerular Filtration Rate in a Diverse Pediatric Population

B-247 Siobhan Wilson, Toronto, ON, Canada
Postprandial inflammation and metabolic dysfunction in adolescents with obesity and insulin resistance

B-270 Nicholas Larkey, Rochester, MN
Identification of novel macrovancomycin complexes using laboratory developed methods

Academy of Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine Designation

Fellows of the Academy use the designation of FADLM. This designation is equivalent to FACB and FAACC, the previous designations used by fellows of the National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry and AACC Academy. Those groups were rebranded as Academy of Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine in 2023.